Coronado Glow Pro's

Prep & After Care Tips


We have found that the following products conditions will lighten or make an airbrush tan spotty:

Dove soap and Dove products

Mineral Oils & Parabens

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Citric Acids


Hair thinning or removing lotion

Anti-aging products or AHA's

Beta Hydroxy Acids

Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Tretinoin)

Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel

Anti-acne products (Accutane, salicylic acid)

Facial Masks and scrubs

Pore cleansing facial strips

Wax depilatories, depilatory products, bleach products for body hair

Hot tubs, chlorine and salt water

Bug sprays - try to spray your clothes instead of your skin. If you must have it on your skin, spray a "cloud" to walk through

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Body/beauty treatment timeframe

  • 72hrs prior: Facials

  • 48hrs prior: Waxing, sugaring

  • 24hrs prior: Mani/Pedi

  • 1hr prior OR 24 hours AFTER: Haircut/Blowout




Shave (of you normally shave) , exfoliate thoroughly (please no loofahs).  We retail the best exfoliating products! 

Old spray tans should be completely removed from the skin.  We have an amazing spray tan removal kit - ask for a demo!

Do NOT use lotion unless directed by your Coronado Glow Pro.

Please AVOID using DOVE, Bath & Body Works or Victoria Secret products as they tend to leave a film on the skin and can interfere with your spray tan results. Use a body wash that is free of mineral oil, sulfates and parabens. If  you are unsure of what body wash to use, please contact Coronado Glow for help!


Do not apply lotion, oil or perfumes to the skin. Remove makeup and deodorant using a cleansing wipe before your spray tan application. Men; please wear boxers, shorts or briefs during your spray tan appointment. Ladies; you may wear whatever you feel comfortable in or you can choose to wear nothing at all! Please bring flip flops, dark loose fitting pants (be sure they slide on/off easily) and a dark long sleeve shirt to wear immediately after your spray tan application - this will help in avoiding skin to skin contact and will protect your tan as it develops.


After Application

Please avoid touching your skin, contact with water, exercise, tight clothing/shoes, and rubbing your freshly sprayed tan until your warm water rinse. 


When to rinse 

You will use WARM WATER ONLY to rinse off the cosmetic bronzer 2-8 hours after your spray tan application. The exact number of hours will be determined by your Coronado Glow Pro.

Use your hands during your warm water rinse to remove the cosmetic bronzer from your skin. You will see the color wash off your skin which is completely normal.

Rinse until water runs clear and all cosmetic bronzer is removed from the skin.

DO NOT shave, use soap or wash your hair during the warm water rinse.

Pat dry after you rinse.

Do not apply any lotions to the skin as the tan is still developing.



Shaving should be avoided for 24 hours after your spray tan application. 

You may take a shower using spray tan safe shampoo, body wash/products 8-12 hours after your warm water rinse. 

Apply spray tan safe lotion/oil to the skin after your shower.

Pat dry after you shower. 



Your spray tan takes a total of 24 hours to fully develop and cure. 


maintaining your tan

Moisturize every morning and night with spray tan approved lotion/oils.  Ask about our tan extender & mousse to boost your GLOW!

Using a new razor is best when shaving. TIP: Use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream (helps combat dry skin!)

Avoid scrubbing the skin, long hot baths/showers, saltwater, and swimming pools/hot tubs as these speed up the exfoliation process.

Pat dry your skin after you bathe or shower. 



Properly prepping the skin for your spray tan is very important! Using the wrong products on your skin prior to  your tan can adversely affect your results.  Using the wrong products on your skin while you have your Glow can change the color of the tan and make it fade faster. Please be sure to contact Coronado Glow with any questions if you are unsure if your products are spray tan safe.

If you are sunburned or have an old sunburn, your spray tan could make your sunburned skin appear darker than the rest of  your body. Even if you can't see the sunburn, a spray tan might bring it out!

pH levels are extremely important when it comes to spray tan development. Alcohol, exercise, foods/drinks, medication, showering too close to your appointment, certain products used on the skin and hormones can affect the pH level of your skin!  The more alkaline (higher pH) your skin is, the greater the chance of having an unnatural outcome and your spray tan could over process. The more acidic (lower pH) your skin is, the lighter the tan will be.  Coronado Glow can test the pH level of your skin to help determine the best solution for your skin!

A woman's menstrual cycle can directly affect a spray tan and could cause it to become blotchy or not develop as dark as normal. 

Oily skin types usually develop lighter and may require an extra spray after 24-48 hours. 

Dry skin/patches, freckles, sun/age spots may appear darker after your spray tan is fully developed. To lessen their appearance, a barrier cream can be applied to the areas of concern by your Glow Pro at your appointment.

With proper prep & after care, your beautiful GLOW will last 7-10+ days!

If your tan becomes "patchy" as it begins to fade, just use a washcloth to blend it!

To remove your old spray tan, you can purchase a tan removal mousse & mitt from Coronado Glow!!